About Us

EDvantage brings personalized solutions to trainers and educators by guiding the process of technology integration.

EDvantage is solution-orientated, geared towards innovations and high-tech solutions for the 21st century learning space.  The successful design and development of a technology solution for training and teaching is worthless, unless it is implemented with thoughtful planning and sound scientific methods to integrate rather than to add.  It is all about ensuring that technology enhances the environment, sustainably committed and allow for a truly immersive training experience. EDvantage always create with the end-user in mind, it encourages people-involvement throughout the design process to achieve desired outcomes.

Our Vision:

To serve trainers and educators in how to effectively use innovative technologies.  To enrich training and learning environments.

Our Mission & Values:

Our challenge is to enthusiastically pursue client-focused collaboration and idea-sharing in such that we may continue to appropriately initiate state of the art catalysts for change as well as to professionally build high standards in niche markets while maintaining the highest standards.

Our Team

Our team consists of freelance researchers, educators and developers with years of experience in teaching and training with technology. This provides us with the freedom to provide our clients with the service that they would require from idea conceptualization to implementation.  

Hands On Deck:

Chrisna Ravyse (PhD)


Werner Ravyse

Technical Advisor

Our Freelance Support Team:

Mari Hanekom

2D Artist

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